Jilian Mold Has A Variety Of Color Pet Bottle Mould

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional and reliable china pet preform manufacturers. Although our company does not manufacture preforms in-house, our purchasing power allows us to distribute preforms of various shapes and sizes for large and small manufacturers at very competitive prices. PET preforms are used to make plastic bottles in drift blow molding. The preform is a solid PET plastic tube that can be made into a variety of plastic bottles and containers. Each preform has a preset weight, which ultimately drives the cost of the final bottle or container.

We offer a wide range of standard neck size preforms, from very small preforms for two ounce plastic bottles to large mouth preforms for forming plastic cans and containers. Most PET preforms on the market are made from standard clear plastic, but colored PET preforms are on the rise.

We offer a variety of solid colors from light blue to gradient red and a variety of colored transparent Pet Bottle Mould. In today’s highly competitive market, the right package that stands out from the competition can work between a very successful production line and a production line that doesn’t stand out.


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