China Pet Bottle Making Technology Progress

Over the past 25 years, injection molding technology for Pet Preform Mould has made so many incredible advancements, from a world that is primarily shooting and transporting to as much as possible on a press – usually using automation To remove parts and assemble them, two injection moldings, and even assemble parts inside the mold.
It is not a large inspection department, and it is constantly pulling parts down from the production line for testing. In many plastic factories, the operator is responsible, with the in-mold sensor as the backing, and even before the mold is opened, it can be judged whether the parts are good or bad. With the continuous advancement of this technology, the world has a bright future!
The molding press has become the control center for the manufacturing unit, connecting auxiliary equipment, material handling and other equipment in the machine controller. This has been an evolving process since 1989, and it is now almost seamlessly creating the best.
In the past 25 years, three milestones have changed in the field of injection molding: all-electric technology, dual plate presses and tie-barless machines. The tie-barless injection molding machine has been in existence for 25 years.
Although the long-term effects of all-electric injection molding machines may be close, these three types of screws are not as revolutionary as the reciprocating screws that William H. Wilbert invented in 1952. The screw is a huge change, it will transfer the old plunger, if not discarded, to the work of creating a marbled effect in cosmetic packaging and other narrow applications. Decades later, the plunger found new life on some large-tonnage presses that used screws to fill the shooting pot, which then drove it back into the mold.
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