Pet Bottle Mould Multi-Layer Barrier Technology

Jilian Plastics is a pioneer in process engineering for the plastics industry and we are currently providing our customers with a 5-gallon Pet Preform solution. Among them, trade show visitors can get first-hand experience of the latest multi-layer barrier technology. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to replace traditional packaging solutions with more eye-catching PET and improve product protection.
Jilian Plastics has always been committed to helping our customers develop their business by developing new and innovative technologies that are driving today’s growth. Our multi-layer barrier technology represents the next step in this program. We are excited about the positive results we saw in early adopters and are more concerned about how this technology will create new opportunities for our customers, allowing them to explore PET as a packaging material for products that require enhanced barrier performance. Traditionally packaged in glass, carton or aluminum.

The multi-layer barrier technology of Pet Bottle Mould has been warmly welcomed. Gillian’s proprietary high-performance HyPET hp5 platform provides the background for this technology with ease of maintenance and metering accuracy in the barrier layer. This last feature also makes the technology more sustainable because less raw materials are used to create obstacles. New materials that support recyclability can also be used.


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