Jilian Mold 5-Gallon Pet Preform Is Recognized

Jilian Plastics, a leading supplier of Pet Bottle Mould, today extends its business scope and marketing to the international market. Prior to this, Jilian Plastics expanded its product portfolio by producing four different plastic molds made of 100% pure HDPE and PP plastic.
Our extremely durable and recyclable plastic molds are the perfect replacement for wood molds. At present, our production capacity is 300,000 pieces per month, we use strict quality control (QC) and innovative design. This is a clear commitment that Jilian Plastics is indeed becoming China’s leading plastic mold manufacturer.
Jilian Plastics invested in 8 blow molding machines and 30 injection molding machines. This is tied to more than 212 different molds that meet global plastic mold standards.
Carrying capacity: Jilian Plastic Mold is designed to handle high dynamic and static load carrying capacity. The sturdy design makes them stand up for rough handling.
Lightweight design: This reduces shipping costs while design consistency makes it suitable for any supply chain infrastructure.
Application: Jilian Plastic Mold is designed for a wide range of applications. This depends on the type of pallet, such as shipping pallets, European pallets, heavy pallets and industrial storage.
Other options available include nestable plastic molds, rack mountable plastic molds, and stackable plastic molds. Customers can choose from different colors such as blue, green or black molds.
Custom options and designs are also available upon request.
Customers and companies can purchase these plastic molds directly from the official website of Jilian Plastics. Those who need a custom design can also submit a query. Whether you have any pet mold requirements or the questions and requirements of pre-forms, Jilian molds are professional, high-quality Chinese mold makers that you can’t miss. We are constantly innovating molds. The newly launched 5-gallon Pet Preform have also been well received by many customers, helping our brands to occupy an increasing market share.


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