The Main Points Of The New Pet Bottle Mould Test

New injection mold testing is an important part of the mold before injecting or replacing other Pet Bottle Mould. The quality of the test results will directly affect the production of the plant. Therefore, we must follow reasonable steps and record useful technical specifications during the trial process, which will help the mass production of the product.
Key points of new injection mold testing
(A) Preparation before the new injection mold test:
1. Technical Information
It is best to prepare the mold design and detailed analysis, and invite mold technicians to participate.
2. Conditions of mechanical cooperation
Check the mechanical coordination on the platform for any scratches, missing parts, looseness or other phenomena. The movement of the mold moving platen and the presence of water or pipe joint leaks also need to be checked. In addition, the limits of the mold opening should be indicated on the mold.
3. Choose the right injection molding machine
1 injection weight must be sufficient for injection
2 need the distance between the tie rods to match the mold
3 rich elbow stroke
4 Interference equipment and tools should be ready
(B) Precautions for testing new injection molds:
1. Suspension process
1 When everything is ok, the next step is to hang the mold. When hanging, before the mold is opened, pay attention to the lifting and lowering of the splint and the mold to avoid the loose or broken splint and the falling of the mold.
2 After installation, the mechanical action of each part of the mold, such as moving plate, top pin, limit switch, etc., should be carefully checked. And whether the position of the nozzle is suitable for the feed port needs to be considered. The next point is the clamping mode. At this point, you should maintain the pressure outside the mold and pay attention to whether there is no smooth motion or sound during manual and low speed closing movements.
2. Processing and running time needs to be long enough to stabilize the temperature of the melt and hydraulic oil.
3. In the short-term test and future production, the mold temperature is the most difficult to master. In addition, incorrect model temperatures can cause problems with sample size, brightness, shrinkage, flow patterns, and material leakage.
(C) After the new injection mold test:
Keep a record of all sample tests during the test, including various pressures, melting, mold and pipe temperatures. In short, all data will be preserved in the future in order to achieve high quality standards.
The 5-gallon Pet Preform mold has high requirements for design and manufacturing. The entire mold project is a long period of time and requires careful and careful inspection. Jilian mold has the ability to inspect molds before shipment. We supply injection molding machines for you, and promise to be responsible for making each mold for customers, and keep in close contact with customers during the project! If you have any questions about the new injection mold test for plastic molds or injection molding machines, please contact us!


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