5-Gallon Pet Preform Acceptance Points

First, product acceptance
In China, after injection Pet Bottle Mould must go through several test modes, most small and medium-sized molds will have 1-3 trials, medium-sized injection molds need 3 to 5 times, and molds with particularly complicated molds will be more likely to be tested. .
How many times the molds and equipment and the operation process are closely related to the quality-related injection mold design and production quality. At the same time, it reflects the technical level of the mold factory to a certain extent. The sample that best reflects the injection mold level is the last sample of the test specimen. Samples are usually sent to the ordering party to check the results as an important basis for mold inspection time. The correct size of the basic sample may reflect the manufacture of precision molds. Therefore, in the acceptance process, the product to be accepted first.
After completing the processing within 16 hours after acceptance, at least in the molded plastic part or the required part. The acceptance standard ambient temperature is 23±2°C, the relative humidity is 50±6 %, the dew point temperature is 21°C, the atmospheric pressure is 890~1060 HPA, and the wind speed is ≤1m / s. If the actual environment is not standard, it can be performed under both conditions, or the length expansion correction factor corresponding to the measured value.
1. Test the basic dimensions of the product
When obtaining a sample, first observe whether the overall shape is correct and whether the basic shape conforms to the product design. Then test the basic dimensions of the product.
2. Product with test size
An item of the same size as the size refers to the interaction between the product product and related components, or the interaction between the product product and related components, including local relative position to the dimensions and overall dimensions.
3. Test assembly inspection
When the basic size, size, and inspection size of a 5-gallon Pet Preform are considered to meet the design requirements, you can try assembly inspection. This is a very important means of inspecting the product. The dimensions of the inspection space surface can be tested for inspection. .
4. Product appearance quality inspection
When pre-satisfying the requirements, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the apparent quality parts, then the apparent quality means that there is no common defect condition and the apparent quality meets the requirements.
5. Balance and static balance test
Dynamic and static balance test is carried out on high-speed components; the strength of parts is required to be high, and impact test, strength and high temperature test are required.


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