Chinese Pet Bottle Mould Evolution

What kind of shape do you want? The Pet Bottle Mould can accurately give a specific shape in the molten plastic state. Today, plastics are widely used for their high durability, not traditional glass, wood and other materials. Plastics are molded into the desired shape using a variety of techniques, and plastic injection molding is one of the most valuable and cost-effective molding techniques available today.
Color injection molded plastic parts
One advantage of plastic parts is that they can be made in any color you want, and unlike metal parts, it is easy to make plastic parts in different colors. Most consumer products need to be rich in color, and your mobile phone, car, and color may be one of the main reasons why your customers pay for your products. Therefore, how to define colors and custom products is one of the important factors to achieve large-scale sales.
Color molded parts
Gardening plastic parts
Here are some of the projects we have customized for different clients. Due to the proposal for intellectual property protection, there will be only pictures here. Please note that all molds/parts are custom made for specific customers, and anyone interested in selling these products should contact our customers directly.

US and China in injection molding
Low cost production
China’s labor costs are still much lower than in the United States. In the past 10 years, the Chinese labor force has grown every year, about $500-$1,000/month, but don’t forget the productivity of personal labor growth. Low-cost production remains one of the main reasons why China maintains its strength in the injection molding industry.
Quality Assurance
Although there are still “bad” labels in the impression of many people in China, you can’t just see such an aspect. China still has a lot of good quality products, and the 5-gallon Pet Preform of Jilian mold. Billets, molds and equipment have enjoyed a good reputation in the global market. All you have to do is get ready to find a reliable Chinese mold maker, because low quality products are there, even in the US!


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