Pet Bottle Mould Industry Is Growing Rapidly

The development of our plastic injection molds depends on the development of the plastics industry. The development of plastic products is accompanied by the inevitable requirements for the development of Pet Bottle Mould. In recent years, the plastic mold processing industry is also developing rapidly, and the plastic mold industry is also growing rapidly.
Through domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, the main problems will be gradually solved better under the joint efforts of the whole industry and the joint support of all parties. There are still several problems in China’s plastic mold industry to catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries.
1. The development is uneven and the overall product level is low. Although some plastic mold company’s products have reached a very high level, close to international standards, but overall, precision mold cavity surface roughness, production cycle, life expectancy and other indicators compared with foreign advanced level for more than 10 years gap.
2. Technology and equipment are backward and organizational coordination is poor. Although some companies have more advanced technology and equipment levels through technological innovation. But most companies are still relatively backward technology and equipment. What’s more important is that our company is organized and coordinated. It is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources well, so it is difficult to undertake large-scale projects.
3. Most plastic mold companies have weak development capabilities. On the one hand, the proportion of technicians is low and the level of technicians is not high enough. On the other hand, R&D investment is less, and more importantly, the idea behind development is ignored.
4. Management problems are not just technical backwardness. Technical backwardness is often easy to see, but it is difficult to recognize management issues. The gap between plastic mold companies at home and abroad is very obvious, especially in terms of management.
5. The development of production cannot keep up with market demand. The contradiction between supply and demand is difficult to solve. The supply situation will continue for some time, especially for some high-end or innovative products, such as 5-gallon Pet Preform.


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