Gas-Assisted Injection Molding Technology For 5-Gallon Pet Preform

As an industry leader in gas-assisted Pet Bottle Mould injection molding, Jilian Plastics has a wide range of forming capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Gas-assisted injection molding can increase dimensional stability and reduce costs compared to conventional manufacturing techniques such as structural foam molding and thermoforming. By injecting a controlled gas flow into the mold, the thick wall is formed by the hollow portion, saving material, reducing cycle time, and reducing the pressure required to mold large plastic parts with complex designs and attractive surface finish. All of these benefits are achieved without compromising the structural integrity of the molded part.
We offer internal and external gas-assisted injection molding, which allows us to create countless complex part geometries that were previously impossible with injection molding. Brackets and brackets do not require multiple parts that must be assembled in the future, but are easily integrated into a mold without the need for complex cores. Multiple injection molding machines are capable of producing parts from 10″ to 80″ long, 10″ to 70″ wide, and 5-gallon Pet Preform. Our customer base includes OEM manufacturers, laboratory and diagnostic equipment designers, medical device manufacturers and large office equipment companies in retail kiosks that provide automated services. In addition to gas-assisted molding, conventional injection molding and structural foam molding are also possible. Value-added services, including painting, insertion, printing, assembly and packaging, provide customers with a single source of turnkey injection molded parts.


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