Jilian Mold 5-Gallon Pet Preform Is Recognized

In recent years, China’s Pet Bottle Mould industry has developed rapidly, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Especially after China’s accession to the WTO, many foreign mold makers have entered the Chinese market.
Although the growth of export molds and mold parts has been greater than imports in recent years, the absolute value added of exports is still less than imports, which makes the trade deficit of the mold industry increase year by year. Finally, until 2006, the situation improved and the deficit fell slightly. There are two main factors contributing to the increase in the trade deficit of the mold: First, with the rapid development of the national economy, especially the strong mold demand generated by the rapid development of the automobile industry, domestic mold resources cannot meet the needs of the domestic market, and even some high-end Molds are also not available in China, so imports are increasing; second, they are related to China’s current tariff policy and project approval system. At present, like other mechanical and electrical products, the export tax rebate rate is only 13%, not more than 17%.
According to the “China Injection Mold Industry Development Prospects Report”, it is very important to stand out in the fierce competition and vigorously develop the international market. The best way is to reduce the cost and time of mold manufacturing without sacrificing quality.
It is very important to develop mold standard parts and make them as professional and mass production, which can save time in mold design and manufacturing, reduce mold manufacturing costs, and improve mold quality.
In Jilian molds, we not only standardize mold parts and inserts, but also standardize mold bases called MUD (mother mold) systems. Jilian mold can help you save a lot of time and cost, from small batch production to high volume production. No matter what your mold needs, Jilian mold can satisfy you. Our 5-gallon Pet Preform have also been recognized by many customers. Our professional team can provide you with special design solutions!


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