China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Provide More Efficient Production Technology

Injection molding offers a wide range of options for the manufacture of Pet Preform Mould because the nature of the process means that it is suitable for the design and type of many parts and products. In addition to the standard injection molding process, more versatility and efficiency can be achieved by two-component injection molding. As the name implies, two-component injection involves the use of more than one material in the forming of a part. This is different from the more typical one-component injection molding process in which only one base resin is injected into the mold.
Two-component injection molding can be achieved in several ways, each producing different results and effects. Below, we will review one by one:
Mixed materials: In two-component injection molding, which may be considered the simplest form, the two materials can be fed into the injection molding machine at the same time and mixed while heating. This method can be used for aesthetic purposes. For example, the dye is mixed with a resin to achieve a different color or an attractive appearance of the finished product. It can also be used to obtain physical properties different from just one resin. For example, a harder resin is blended to reinforce the parts that are primarily made of softer plastic.
Co-injection molding: In co-injection molding, two complete materials are injected into the cavity, one after the other, causing the materials to harden around each other while becoming fully bonded. This process is useful for creating a soft rubber shell around the hard plastic core.
Double injection molding: In this process, different materials are fed into the mold cavity at different points through different gates. They begin to harden before the meeting point in the cavity, creating a stratification effect. In co-injection molding, these materials are not intended to be physically mixed together. The meeting point of the two materials, as well as the appearance and function of the finished product, can be adjusted by fine-tuning the injection speed of each material.
Multi-injection molding: In multi-injection molding, a “layering” effect is achieved by sequentially injecting a portion of the material into the mold cavity. These materials do not mix with each other and do not harden each other. Instead, they are “stacked” into finished products. Multi-injection molding is also called sequential molding.
Overmolding: In overmolding, multi-part parts are constructed by an “additional” type of process in which one part is constructed and allowed to cool and harden completely, then another part of the part is molded around it ( Or “above” when used as a pedestal or core. Overmolding allows for a wide range of flexibility in materials and structures, as the core does not even have to be injection molded (or plastic). For example, a rubber handle can be overmolded around the metal piece.
As a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastic Mould has rich experience in injection molding, and is constantly upgrading its production technology to develop more efficient and diverse injection molding technology.


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