5-Gallon Pet Preform Making Adjustment Equipment

Some projects with high injection pressure of Pet Preform Mould and suitable screw compression ratio design have good forming effect, so in order to make the product better shot, it is necessary to select the screw by considering the need of injection pressure, compression ratio and problems.
In general, the smaller diameter of the screw provides a higher injection pressure.
Quick shooting: Confirm the “injection speed”.
Some products require high injection rates to stabilize the fire, such as ultra-thin products. In this case, the machine may need to confirm whether the injection rate and ignition rate are sufficient, whether the accumulator or closed-loop control device is configured. In general, under the same conditions, high-speed screw injection pressures can generally be provided, and conversely, the screw can provide a lower injection pressure, usually higher. Therefore, cross-cutting and selection are required in determining the screw diameter, the injection amount, the injection pressure, and the injection rate (injection speed).
In addition, multi-loop design can be used to shorten the formation time of composite actions.
After the above steps, the injection molding machine can be determined in principle, but some special problems may need to be considered, including:
The size distribution of the problem:
In some special cases, the customer or product may have a small mold size but require a large amount of radiation, or the mold size is small but requires a small amount of radiation. In this case, the previously set standard factory may not meet the customer’s needs and must be so-called “Size distribution”, that is, “Great Wall Ball” or “Small Wall Big Ball”. The so-called “big wall ball” refers to the original standard clamping device with a smaller injection screw and vice versa. When making a 5-gallon Pet Preform, you also need to make relative adjustments to the mold or some equipment to make the whole process smoother.


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