China Pet Bottle And Hot Runner System

When deciding to incorporate a hot runner system into a Pet Preform Mould, the question is which properties must be considered for a fast surface? Since there are many independent vendors on the market, the types and choices of systems are often similar to another system. In this case, how to choose the right hot runner system, let us take a look.
Hot runner technology has many options. In order to improve molding efficiency and part quality, sometimes the price takes precedence over the application. Here are some of the hot features and vendor support aspects to consider before making a purchasing decision:
1. After sales service
In addition to sales, it is important to ensure that the supplier provides product service, training and start-up assistance. These follow-up tasks are very important for an effective installation.
2. Product line
To achieve the best molding application and maximize design flexibility, suppliers must offer a wide range of nozzles, including hot nozzles, valves and edge gates, hot gates, multiple nozzles, and more.
3. Resin test
View fully equipped resin testing or R&D facilities to help OEMs or moldmakers choose the best hot runner system type. In addition, resin flow, channel size, and various other design capabilities should be balanced to produce a thermally balanced hot runner system. In such a system, the flow path is large enough to create a relatively small pressure drop in the system when casting a China Pet Bottle mold without causing excessive residence time.


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