Experienced Pet Preform Manufacturers Play The Most Important Role

One of the most common problems we received at Jilian Plastics was, “What is the cost of a Pet Bottle Preform injection mold?”? “Determining the cost of the mold is often a major priority; the mold is one of the largest pre-production costs. This article reviews several factors that determine the cost of the mold.
Factors affecting mold cost
Costs can vary greatly depending on the drawing, prototype, and sample part. Designers and engineers need to examine these features and determine the best molding solution. Extensive research can lead to redesign of parts to maximize manufacturing efficiency, which helps increase the number of parts that can be made per molding cycle.
Mold base
Estimate the cost of the base based on the size of the mold, the type of steel used to make the base, and whether customization is required. The mold base holds all mold cavities, inserts, and components together. These mold cavities, inserts, and components are typically standard sizes, but can be machined to meet specific design requirements.
Number of cavities
Fewer cavities in the mold require less tool work time and less cost. Due to the complex design, the more cavities of the mold, the more processing work and time is required. It makes sense. Experienced pet preform manufacturers will be able to maximize cavitation for optimal productivity. Only one part per mold can be used. Multi-part “series” molds often result in more process problems, but can save on mold costs.


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