JiLian Mold Created What Kind Of Pet Bottle Preform Products

The main markets for Jilian Plastics include medical, life sciences, industrial and electronic products. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of products Gianlian mold has created in the field of Pet Bottle Preform.
Medicine and life sciences
Plastics in the medical and life science markets are extremely important because they are versatile, replaceable and hygienic for hospital and laboratory use. Jilian Plastics understands the technical, compliance and regulatory aspects associated with the use of polymers in these two industries. Some products include syringes, containers, breathing apparatus, medical tools, orifice plates, and filter plates.
Plastics are now actually stronger than steel, more durable than almost anything on Earth, and relatively cheap to produce one million times over and over again: this is especially helpful in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Refer to our blog, the most commonly used thermoplastics in injection molding, to see some of the thermoplastics we use because of their physical and chemical properties. Some products include sports equipment, filter housings, ducts, TV cabinets, cell phone cases and more.
This area requires absolute certainty and consistency because it is important for electronic components. Plastics help to encase and protect wires that are easily damaged or harmful to others. Some products include power tool housings, electrical connectors, telephone handsets, electrical switches, and battery enclosures.
When we think about how many products in our daily life are made by plastic injection molding, this list is endless. Plastics are everywhere and have become such an important part of our lives. They allow us to keep food safe, receive medical care, and even help with simple behavior like brushing your teeth. By observing how plastics affect our lives, we begin to realize how important this process is. pet preform manufacturers have also seen the demand for plastic molds in the market, and are constantly innovating and developing to better meet the needs of the market.


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