Injection Molding Is Suitable For Your Pet Bottle Preform Products

Injection molded products may be suitable for your next Pet Bottle Preform project because they have many advantages. With the ability of injection molding in rapid prototyping, you can save time throughout the product development phase. This reduces the total cost of landing the final product when you include multiple materials in your injection molding development.
We rely on injection molding products every day to preserve our food, protect our bodies, run our business and sell our products. Read more about the benefits of injection molding or contact us for more information.
What is injection molding?
Injection molding is one of the more common part manufacturing processes and can be used in a variety of materials including metals, polymers, elastomers and glass.
This process begins with a design mold that is completely encapsulated in a machine on the production line. The material that makes up the part is then heated and placed in a pressurized bucket where it can become flexible or even liquefied. This heated material is then forced or injected into the cavity of the mold where it assumes the shape of the product.
Then, as the material assumes the shape and features of the mold, the material cools and hardens within the cavity. Parts range from miniature parts that require high stress tolerances to large panels for cars, airplanes and other vehicles.
An interesting part of the current trend in injection molding products is that many new materials are being developed for this process. Many of these innovations are emerging as advances in 3D printing technology. The new materials are concentrated on thermoplastics that do not melt and lose their structural integrity when ready to be injected into the mold.
The process also includes the use of controlled facilities to help regulate temperature, material usage, and the risk of contamination. Monitoring is easy on production lines using injection molding, so products can be quickly managed and checked against temperature and pressure issues.
Injection molding can be used with a variety of materials from glass to metal, but the heat and flexibility make it the first choice for manufacturing applications involving plastics and polymers, and is being chosen by more and more pet preform manufacturers. To make a variety of products, plastics help ensure trouble-free production and are generally able to withstand high temperatures in the process while maintaining strength.


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