High Pressure Manufacturing Injection Pet Bottle Mould

High levels of pressure are used to make injection molded Pet Bottle Mould. This powerful pressure presses the plastic tightly against the mold, allowing even the finest details to be achieved during the design process. Such high pressures allow for the formation of highly subtle and complex shapes that are not possible with other molding processes. In fact, plastic injection molding is typically close to 0.005 inches.
Can use several types of plastic at the same time
Plastic injection molding allows several different types of plastic to be used simultaneously. With the help of co-injection molding, you can use a variety of plastics to eliminate your fear of using a certain plastic. In addition, the type of material produced can be easily changed. Even the color of the part or product can be changed without significant delay.
Low cost end product
Injection molded parts are manufactured using automated processes. Injection molding is carried out with the robot and machine controlled and managed by one person. This high degree of automation reduces manufacturing costs by minimizing overhead. Then pass the saved money to the customer.
In addition, this automation allows for the creation of precise injection molds through computer-aided design/manufacturing, and it is easy to understand why so many people choose injection molded parts. In the long run, plastic injection molding is much cheaper than plastic processing, although it is sometimes expensive to make molds for the first time. This initial cost can be several thousand dollars, but once the mold is manufactured, a large number of plastic products can be produced in a cost-effective manner. Plastic injection molding often proves to be a small fraction of the cost of plastic processing.
Minimal waste using injection molded parts
If you are looking for a sustainable product or part production method, look at plastic injection molding. Modern plastic injection molding is environmentally friendly. This process uses only the required amount of plastic to produce the product/part. Although some plastic waste is produced during the production process, this material is ground and then reused. In the end, there is almost no waste in injection molded parts, making it a “green” product/part production technology.
High speed production
Plastic injection molding is ideal for long-term production because it is very fast. The exact speed depends on the nuances of the mold. However, between each cycle time, only 15 to 30 seconds have passed. This production speed is much faster than most other available production methods.
The 5-gallon Pet Preform made by injection molding is a fast and short cycle. The quality of the products produced is even better, and it is more compounded by the customers. Therefore, Jilian Plastics welcomes everyone to come to consult.


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