Jilian Mold Provides Different Types Of Pet Bottle Preform

Cosmetics are increasingly popular with many adults, so demand is also increasing. Jilian Plastic Mould is a supplier of plastic cosmetic moulds in China, offering a variety of different types of Pet Bottle Preform.
Plastic cosmetic molds and other flat molds, we can also provide customers with plastic cosmetic molding services.
The plastic cosmetic mold may be a small part mold or a cover mold. In order to manufacture plastic cosmetic molds, we have top-of-the-line machine tools.
Machining die steel, such as rough CNC milling machines, first form the shape, then finish machining CNC milling to reduce errors
The size is more precise.
We use a valve hot runner system to beautify the surface of plastic cosmetics and reduce labor costs. We have extensive experience in manufacturing plastic cosmetics.
Mold so we can do it without any errors.
If you are interested in making plastic cosmetic molds and want to find reliable plastic cosmetic mold makers. Come to us, and we can not only make plastic packaging of cosmetics, we are very professional in the production of 5-gallon Pet Preform, welcome to come to consult.


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