How To Maintain The Pet Bottle Mould After Production

Usually we will spend a lot of effort to obtain high quality molds when choosing mold manufacturing. In fact, regular mold maintenance is also very important to mold life after the Pet Bottle Mould starts running in your shop. But not all customers know how to perform regular mold maintenance? Below are the key points we have listed for our customers. You can refer to them:
Maintenance points are: clean lubrication and inspection
Mold maintenance before assembly
1 – We need to clean the mold surface to ensure that the assembly board is flat. In this case, the machine board can be protected from damage and stress. We also need to check the parallelism of the cavity and the core.
2 – After assembling the mold on the machine, we need to clean the mold surface. Especially the guiding structure part. For example: guide pin, guide bushing
3 – Add lubricant to the sliding part of the mold
4 – Check the safety parts on the mold
Post-production maintenance
1 – We need to inspect the mold after the production is completed
2 – Remove the plastic remaining in the mold. Clean the entire mold
The above general mold points come from our testing department. Jilian Plastics has been producing Pet Bottle Preform molds for more than ten years. If you have any questions about plastic molds, please feel free to contact us.


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