Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Mould Long Service Life

We are a Pet Bottle Mould manufacturer with many years of experience. We have rich experience and expertise in moulds, which makes us an excellent mold manufacturer in our city. All of our injection molds are controlled by us. We will monitor every step of the mold. In addition, we have strict requirements on mold steel and hardness.
All of our engineers and designers are professionals in the mold field for about 10 years. This is why our company can grow faster and faster. All of our molds are quality assured and the mold life can reach its peak. Therefore, how to improve the life of the mold has become a hot topic for our customers.
With a wealth of experience, professional technology and advanced processing equipment, our mold life is guaranteed.
After the plastic mold has been working for a long time, we need to let the mold rest.
1: After the plastic mold has been working for a long time, we must clean the plug and the passage to avoid clogging the material.
2: Fasten the parts and check if the fastening parts are loose. If some parts are damaged or broken, we should replace them.
Punches and impact damage are generally replaced with spare parts of the same specification. Stamping the parameters of the main working part size,
Install part size, length, size, etc.
If you are interested in making Pet Bottle Preform and would like to know how to extend the life of the mold, please feel free to contact me.


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