Good Pet Bottle Mould Is Very Important

As people’s living standards improve, people’s health awareness gradually increases. People’s pursuit of life is not only quantity but also quality. Therefore, a good cup will play an important role in daily life. A good cup will depend on the Pet Bottle Mould that helps to improve the quality of the cup.
The processing analysis of the water cup belongs to the outer casing part, but it is not a thin-walled part. The cup is bilaterally symmetrical, its sides always require smoothness, no flash, and the door has no grip marks.
Ejector system
It always uses a straight ram. The ram should be placed around the core to effectively push the product out and force the product evenly.
Gating system
The mold is always designed with one module and two chambers. Therefore, it would be convenient to fill the cavity by a direct gate system. Then the molding cycle time
The length of the product can be shortened, enhanced, and also facilitated trimming.
cooling system
The cooling system should be designed to ensure that the core and cavity are effectively cooled. It is difficult to set up the cooling system because the thimble should
Placed around the core, the product needs to be side-typed. It only sets the cooling system in the cavity.
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