Temperature Controller Can Improve The Productivity Of Pet Bottle Preform

Pet Bottle Mould temperature controller is widely used in plastic molding industry; such as light guide plate products, die casting, extrusion molding, rubber tires, rollers and other industries. A mold temperature controller that includes heating and freezing temperature control. And it is relatively common in the plastics industry.
The main role of the mold temperature controller:
1. Improve molding efficiency;
2. Reduce the defect rate;
3. Improve the appearance of the product and suppress the defective products;
4. Accelerate production schedule, reduce energy consumption and save energy.
Mold temperature has great applications in the die-casting industry, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys. Uneven mold temperature can lead to unstable casting dimensions; parts are easily deformed, which will cause hot pressing and sticking to the cavity. Defects such as upper surface, concave surface, shrinkage hole, and hot air bubbles. It also has an impact on the production cycle. In addition, too cold and too hot a mold can cause hot cracking of the steel, which will accelerate the aging of the mold.
In modern factories, in order to adapt to market competition, saving manpower, improving quality and reducing costs. The mold temperature controller can reduce the preheating time of the Pet Bottle Preform mold, improve the surface quality of the finished product, and can be automated. Increasing mold life means increasing productivity.


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