Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Preform Design Is Reasonable

If you are planning to go to Huangyan, I believe that you are doing the Pet Bottle Mould business. You want to see who is the best mold maker in the journey of Huangyan Mould City. A successful trip to Huangyan Mould City, you can find on the road, there are many new mold company names that you have never seen before. But you may not know what kind of mold they mainly do. You regret that you should visit each of them during your short trip to Huangyan Mould City.
When you analyze who is the best mold maker, you can consider the following:
Mold tool equipment and machine tools. During your trip to Huangyan Mould City, you will find that some mold makers do not have their own factory or equipment center. They are looking for subcontracts for equipment molds. However, in your fast trip to Huangyan Mould City, you may not easily see and figure out.
The mold completes quality control and measurement. Only a few companies have complete quality control centers. A find QC center must include material import QC control, CMM machine for steel material tool quality inspection, mobile equipment for QC assembly measurement quality, water system control, design and model condition comparison control, mold with video and recording T1 Test control, mass production simulation control, etc.
In your journey to Huangyan Mould City, you should pay attention to this.
Strong design ability. This is also the key point for making a good Pet Bottle Preform mold. If the design is reasonable, considering the long service life of the mold and the user’s operation is more convenient, then in the journey to Huangyan Mould City, you need to check the mold and save the delivery time. And mold time.


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