How To Buy Pet Bottle Preform Mold Spare Parts

How to buy spare parts for Pet Bottle Preform? Spare parts are one of the most important parts in plastic molds, and some plastic mold factories have their own spare parts standards. However, if the standard is not known or known, customers may not find a supplier in their own country. Therefore, our company makes all plastic mold measurements conform to DME standards; if you want to replace spare parts, you can contact our sales engineers or buy directly from your market.
Mold parts include guide pins, guide bushings, rams, vessel plates, internal locks, stop pins, O-rings, and the like. Some spare parts are easily damaged, such as rams; typically, plastic mold manufacturers offer some extra rams or parts that are easily damaged as spare parts.
If you can’t find any spare parts for the mold on the market, you can ask the mold supplier to make a new one. As a professional mold manufacturer, Jilian Mold will maintain the final mold design for 3-4 years. If you have drawings, we can also make mold parts for you and leave you with a small margin to make mold parts. We have customized 5-gallon Pet Preform molds for our customers some time ago and have received good reviews from them.


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