Jilian Mold To Meet Your 5-Gallon Pet Preform Demand

Long-term use or non-use of any Pet Bottle Preform mold can cause many accidental damage. What is the cause of the mold damage?

Ejector pin and molded pin break

After the ejector pin and the molded pin are broken, the eject plate can be reset by the spring. But the pin may remain in the cavity. If the injector pin and the molded pin are not removed from the cavity, the cavity may be damaged when the mold is clamped. If the situation is not serious, we can use electroplating, tapping or welding to use the insert to repair the mold, otherwise the cavity will be scraped off. If the pin does not damage the cavity, the ejector pin or molded pin should be replaced.

The fall of foreign objects leads to the destruction of the void

If the fall of the foreign object causes a slight damage to the cavity, we can use the hammer method (we can open a small impenetrable hole behind the broken part of the cavity). Then put the metal rod into the hole and hit it with a hammer. After a series of operations, the broken surface will bend and then be polished. If the cavity is badly damaged, we should fix it by inlaying, covering and plating. Because the cavity cannot recover naturally.

How to prevent molds or keep plastic molds?

Many prevention efforts should be carried out as follows.

1. Nothing like tools, sundries and parts should be placed on the mold.

2. After the cavity is repaired, no clear clamping die is required and should be prohibited.

3. Molds that have been transported over long distances or placed for long periods of time should be cleaned before operation.

4. The heel left in the hole should be cleaned.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional plastic mold manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a wealth of experience in this area. If you are interested in this company, or if you are looking for a reliable 5-Gallon Pet Preform manufacturer, please feel free to contact us with molds and forming solutions.


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