China Pet Bottle Mold Turnkey Engineering Services

Today, Pet Preform Mould turnkey engineering services are becoming more and more popular in the mold field. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, Jilian Plastics has made a lot of efforts in this regard. Now we have a professional plastic injection mold and injection molding machine turnkey project service. We provide turnkey engineering services for many countries to build full-hole plastic injection molding plants and syringe mold factories.
We have our own precise designers and engineers to design different types of plastic molds, such as pipe molds, packaging molds, automotive molds, injection molding machines, household appliance molds… We will provide you with product design, mold design, flow molds. We will train our customers on mold and mechanical technology. If necessary, we will send our professional technicians to the customer’s country until all the work can be started. The important thing is that we will make our investment and situation for us. Customized solutions. We will give you the best solution.
If you are also interested in the China Pet Bottle mold turnkey engineering service, please contact us.


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