Pet Bottle Mould Production Line Investment Project

Jilian Plastics is a leading company in the field of Pet Preform, providing a two-stage production line for PET preforms and PET bottles. Our core service is an all-inclusive PET preform production line solution tailored to customer needs.
For preforms
We can supply PET preform production lines up to 600,000 units per day. But there are also some medium-productivity production lines that range from 100,000 units a day to 300,000 units a day. (24 hours work)
Polyester pre-formed mold
Polyester preform production line
We have helped many countries build preform production lines such as Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Algeria, Russia, Nigeria, Turkey… some of our success stories are like 21g and 26g carbonate preform production lines, through one Interchangeable PET preform mold, 8-cavity 110 mm candy can preform production line…
We usually advise on the requirements of our customers and their local market requirements for prefabricated parts. For some newcomers, we can even help them start from scratch… from project planning, plant layout planning, equipment and construction (PET preforms, injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment), equipment installation and commissioning, and engineer training services. ……
For blow molding machines
In the two-stage process, a PET blow molding machine is required to blow the preform onto the bottle. Jilian molds can also provide blow molding machines. If you need more details about the blow molding machine, please contact me!
The Pet Bottle Mould production line has always been a popular investment project. If you are interested, please contact me to get a special PET prefabricated equipment proposal.


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