Jilian Mold High Precision Machine Production Pet Bottle Mould

The growing demand for preformed molds has been met by the world’s best manufacturer, Jilian Plastics, and we are a specialist manufacturer of various Pet Bottle Mould. The company has extensive experience and best knowledge in making molds for customers around the world. In order to produce high quality molds, Jilian molds use high-precision machine tools and advanced machinery to manufacture pre-formed molds. The company’s employees are committed to providing the motto of the mold to their valued customers at a reasonable price, which is one of the reasons why the company has gained a good reputation from its customers. According to the customer’s requirements, we also produce different sizes of molds, such as PET molds, cap molds and bottle molds. The company produces multi-cavity molds that specialize in molds with replaceable cores, components and cavities.
The company’s professional designers work on mold design for custom and standardized products. The company’s engineers are very talented and they are able to make molds based on samples supplied by customers. If the customer wants some molds of other specifications, the company tends to manufacture pre-formed molds with specific precision. Once the design is complete, the product design manager will check that the mold design exactly matches the customer’s specifications. Ensure that the projects completed by our Petrochemical Co., Ltd. can meet the needs of our customers. The company’s professionals will also advise customers who don’t know the molds they need in their industry.
Do you have any knowledge of the preform molding process? Essentially, this is a method for improving unfilled and empty products of thermoplastic materials. Two types of machines were used in this process, namely PET preformed gears and PET blow molding machines. Getting the most accurate supply for your job is really an easy task, and more importantly, if you don’t know much about the idea of ​​a blow molding machine. There are many types of equipment, such as Pet Bottle Preform molds and periscope for assembling pet water bottles and different items.


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