Jilian Mold Provides Different Pet Bottle Preform Production Line

Pet Preform have never been so popular in today’s world. There is no doubt that everyone from anywhere uses PET containers for beverages, food, cosmetics, medicines, cleaning supplies… Believe it or not, it is impossible to live without PET bottles.
What machines and equipment are needed to make PET bottles?
Plastic preforming dies are at the heart of PET bottle production lines. In addition, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, etc. are also very important.
What is a plastic preform mold? The plastic preform mold is a plastic preform mold technology and pre-form mold solution that requires a preformer, preform mold and plastic. Preforms are used to make plastic preforms. These plastic preforms will then be made into blow molded articles, such as bottles.
Plastic preforming dies must be made before blowing the bottle mold. There is no doubt that high quality plastic preform molds produce excellent PET preforms. We have custom designs based on our more than 10 years of PET bottle production experience and knowledge… With specially designed injection molding machines and plastic preforming dies, high quality preforms are at your fingertips. As one of the main machines in the production of PET bottles, plastic preforming dies are as important as blowers, producing high quality bottles.
Plastic preform mold configuration:
Eccentric adjustment system
The eccentric adjustment system allows the preform wall thickness error to be less than 0.05 mm. The system does not affect the life of the mold;
Self-locking system
Our pre-formed molds use an internationally advanced two-way fixed-direction self-locking structure.
cooling system
All the water channels inside the mold make this cycle time short enough. All cooling channels are specially treated to prevent blockages;
Heating system
The dual heating system ensures good heating and reliable quality control. The heating belt unit provides a constant temperature to the nozzle. The heater unit is used to heat the hot runner plate, which has a long service life and a strong heating capacity. The heating belt in our preformed mold is a “heat setting” imported from Germany.
Hot runner system
The pre-formed mold uses a pin-and-valve hot runner system that reduces wear and maintenance costs of the mold components and saves 10% to 15% of electrical energy;
Hydraulic injection system
The pre-detachment success rate has achieved a steady endurance and the entire pre-off process will become quieter.
As a high-quality mold manufacturer in China with nearly 10 years of history in the PET bottle mould and plastic preform mold manufacturing industry, China’s largest supplier of Pet Bottle Preform also offers the technology of such plastic preforming molds. And solutions. Jilian Plastics provides turnkey projects for many plastic preforming dies to different countries.


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