Jilian Mold Has Strict Requirements On Pet Bottle Preform

Jilian Plastics also offers upgrades to increase production, shorten cycle times and increase equipment capabilities. Product design, mold design, mold analysis, and mold process simulation all occur in a powerful pre-formed mold team. Once our Pet Bottle Preform are unqualified, we have strict quality requirements; we will not export to our company unless the pre-formed molds will be shipped through our testing department.
Our main pre-formed molds are in the Middle East, South Africa and the Northwest… Our pre-formed molds are very popular all over the world and our customers are very satisfied.
High quality materials and proven mold design make the mold life of the preform mold longer. With regard to the cooling system and ventilation system, the design of all pre-formed molds has been proven by the new mold meeting, which consists of many professional designers and senior engineers. Everyone will come up with his best ideas for pre-formed mold design, and despite the intense discussion, the perfect result will come out. Doing the best design for our customers is not good for our work, but it will benefit our customers and shorten the time, which will increase the productivity of the preforms.
The use of stainless steel eliminates molded surface corrosion and reduces refurbishment and conversion costs. No matter how difficult the preforming mold is, we will optimize it to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Based on our many years of experience, we can also tailor project solutions for you. Our molds can help you become a leader in your competitors. We won’t give you a pre-formed mold, but a good way to benefit you. With high quality molds and timely after-sales service, we are willing to support your project. If you are interested in our pre-formed molds, please feel free to contact Taizhou Jilian Mold. We offer a comprehensive range of products from up to 5-gallon Pet Preform to small plastic caps. We believe that we can meet your overall needs.


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