Jilian Mold Retains Important Spare Parts For Pet Bottle Mould

Jilian Plastics produces high-precision Pet Bottle Preform molds to meet the needs of hundreds of satisfied customers at home and abroad.
The company has achieved remarkable results in the design and development of a range of optimized mold systems. The company offers pre-formed molds with up to 72 air pockets, weighing from 4 to 750 grams and neck sizes from 12 to 150 mm.
Acme is bottled in drinking water, carbonated beverages, alcoholic and spirits, processed syrups and sauces, confectionery, cooking oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, shampoos, personal care products, detergents, pesticides and industrial oils. The field continues to support consumers.
We use high quality tool steel imported from European factories to ensure mold reliability and long life.
72 cavity PET preforming mold
72 cavity PET preforming mold
12 cavity 120 mm jar preforming mold
12 cavity 120 mm jar preforming mold
The salient features of our molds are:
Optimized preform design of the mold to ensure the dynamic effect of the blow molding machine
Preformed mold with valve hot runner system
Standard interchangeable mold parts are manufactured in a modular concept for easy replacement.
The wall thickness of the preform varies by 0.10 mm, depending on its length
Machining tolerance is approximately 0.005 mm (5 microns)
Balanced cooling channel layout and turbulence ensure consistent cooling and efficient heat transfer
Application of international advanced two-step double taper positioning technology
Each cavity is self-locking independently, ensuring high product concentricity
Hot runner system
The unique hot runner system uses the latest technology combined with the best steel and highly interchangeable standard parts. These guarantee good inter-lens repeatability, inter-lens consistency and long system life. A fully balanced manifold allows for tight tolerances on the weight and dimensions of the preform.
We provide leak proof assurance for hot runner systems. Each chamber has an independent temperature control and heating system that provides uniform heating temperatures while maintaining product reliability and stability.
ACME has always been committed to optimizing the cost structure of molds equipped with hot runner systems & due to our research and development, we now offer two options based on demand and budget:
Indigenous hot runner system (hot plate system), in a fully balanced hot runner manifold system, with spring-loaded shut-off valves at the gate.
The imported hot runner system is based on a Husky design imported from Canada and uses a pneumatic shut-off valve in a fully balanced hot runner system.
Hot runner system
Hot runner system
We offer a set of necessary spare parts & all the tools needed for mold maintenance are provided free of charge for each mold. In addition, we have reserved a number of important spare parts for each of our Pet Bottle Mould to ensure that they are replaced within 48 hours to ensure uninterrupted service.


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