Pet Preforms Molding Blow Molding Process

The injection blow molding process is a combination of injection molding and blow molding. It is used to make high quality bottles and cans.
Injection blow molding machines typically have three molding stations, Pet Preforms or preforms that are injection molded at the first station, and although still hot, they are transferred to the blow molding station on the mandrel. There they are inflated in a set of blow molds. The blown container is then transferred to the injection station.
Because the parison is injection molded, the injection blow molded container has a high quality neck finish and a better surface finish than the extrusion blow molded container. Processing costs are high because of the need for preforming and blow molding. This process is commonly used in smaller containers and has been used primarily in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.
1. PET preforming dies are typically designed in a three-dimensional computer drawing that will increase the blow molding success rate.
2. In order to make the product durable and stable, the preforming mold is made of steel alloy and stainless steel.
3. Because it is too short, productivity will increase.
4. It is easy to design according to the bottle, and the design and manufacture of various molds will be realized.
5. In the production process, the entire part is machined by high-precision measuring instruments and high precision.
6. The product is manufactured strictly, which will ensure the output of high quality mold products.
7. Work with customers in R&D and manufacturing.
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