The Choice Of Pet Preforms Production Technology

Hot Runner Technology (HRT) is an advanced application technology. This technology is more profitable in injection molding. Some suppliers of hot runner systems have made significant contributions to optimizing product quality.
It is worth noting that this technique is only suitable for injection molds, not all types of Pet Preform Mould. However, the hot runner system is suitable for several thermoplastics.
Advantages of human resources technology
– The material is cost effective – no further grinding or reprocessing is required. Lower cost material cost
– Reduce energy costs and shorten cycle times because there is no need to wait for runners to cool down
– The machine is small in size, reducing the amount of hitter of the runner
– Runners do not need to be separated from parts, processing is automated
– there are no runners to be removed or reground, so no secondary processing is required
– lower injection pressure
– less clamping pressure
– shortened cooling time
– The lens is zoomed out
– clean and well maintained molding process
– continuous heat in the cavity
Disadvantages of Pet Preforms hot runner technology
– Hot runner molds are more complex than cold runner molds and cost more to manufacture
– Initial start-up cost is higher than cold runner system
– Harmful material susceptibility, resulting in thermal damage
– Need to extend temperature control, which will cause delay in mold processing
– High maintenance costs, more prone to failures and heating element failures


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