Jilian Mold Meets The Needs Of Pet Bottle Mould

Bottle packaging is popular in a variety of industries, from transporting liquids to powders and solids. They are suitable for inclusion in various forms. So far, plastics and glass are two materials that are good at protecting the safety of content. You must have seen metal bottles such as deodorants, insecticide sprays, detergents, etc. Metal cans are suitable for transporting chemicals, but they are easy to eat. This is why metal cans are often used. Similarly, they have made considerable contributions to expanding project costs. Glass and plastic are practical choices.
Pet Bottle Preform test:
A decent kettle should have good adjustment and safety, reliable separator thickness, no air bubbles or different deformations. In order to check each of these parameters, there are various test instruments. But before that, we have to check the perfect shape of the preform. Blow the preform into the complete estimated bottle. At some point, these preforms have been discarded, and these preforms have entered the decisive project – the bottle. These defects can cause disappointment in the project. To avoid this, use a polarizing microscope. This is an optical device with two polarizer focus and concentrators. This allows the light to pass completely without being reflected or refracted. In the unlikely event that any defect occurs, light doubles the refraction and produces a birefringent effect of light.
The preforms were tested at 45° and 90° angles.
Only imperfect preforms are further blown into the bottle. A series of tests were performed on these containers. This helps to study the behavior of the kettle under real conditions.
Glass bottle test:
Some test procedures are the same as for PET bottles. However, the glass bottles did not undergo a blast test or the like. If the quality is very suitable for doing the same thing, then there is a specially designed machine with a closed cavity to avoid any accidents when the bottle bursts.
Check any defects and bubbles in the mineral water bottle preform again using a polarizing microscope strain gauge. In glass bottles, it also works on the same principle. However, glass strain gauges have special properties for analyzing glass strain.
In the current market, plastic bottles are generally safer and more secure than glass bottles, and are more convenient to transport. If you have a need for Pet Bottle Mould, please contact Jilian Plastics.


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