How Can I Successfully Make Pet Bottle Preform?

The success and precision of a Pet Bottle Preform depends on the quality of the mold, but it takes a long time to make a reliable, long-lasting tool – and requires very high precision. In addition, molds are often one of the largest capital investments in the project, so the first correct mold making is critical. This is especially important in high volume injection molding projects where the mold can be very complex.

Here are some important parameters to keep in mind when making molds to ensure the best quality and reliability.
What is a good mold?

High-quality, precision-designed molds that are durable and an excellent investment for your company. The best plastic injection molds have all of the following characteristics:

Good design and engineering
High quality stainless steel mold base and cavity for optimum performance and durability
Manufactured on modern equipment with precision machining capabilities
Carefully crafted with high standards and tight tolerances

How does Jilian Plastic mold make Pet Bottle Mould?

Jilian Plastic uses only 420 grade stainless steel as our core tool metal. With special attention to the toughness standard, our engineering team manufactures each mold with the largest number of cavities in the production process with the highest possible efficiency. In fact, the molds we produce now have been in use for decades.


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