China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Provide Quality Equipment

The blow molding machine is how to stretch and blow the Pet Bottle Preform. For this problem, the blow molding machine price expert will come to analyze it with everyone today. Because the blow molding machine can collect multiple processes such as filling, labeling and packaging of raw materials, it can be used in one-time online operation to pull the hollow production line. When filling the liquid material, it can be carried out directly in a closed, non-polluting environment without the need to re-clean the bottle.
After the infusion bottle is blow molded by purifying compressed air, the liquid can be injected immediately, and then transported to the packaging station for packaging. Multi-layer composite bottles are the development direction of hollow containers. They are specially developed for the packaging of beer. There are two types of three-layer and five-layer. To develop multi-layer composite bottles, the development of multi-layer injection preform equipment is a prerequisite. The blow molding of multi-layer co-injection bottles is similar to the blow molding of single-layer PET bottles, which can be done with a single layer of blown air equipment. The electric blow molding machine is an active development product in the future. It includes two types: the drive mechanism is mainly electric, supplemented by hydraulic or pneumatic; the all-electric drive includes servo motor drive and variable frequency motor drive.
Finally, Jilian Plastics Price Experts should also summarize for you that the all-electric extrusion blow molding machine replaces the hydraulic drive with high-efficiency electric drive, replaces the traditional electric drive with energy-saving electric drive, and saves energy, reduces noise and pollution, and improves The advantages of the whole machine performance. Want to buy a reliable and advanced blow molding machine? Jilian Plastic Mould is the representative of high quality China Pet Bottle, providing you with high quality prefabricated parts and equipment.


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