Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Preform To Maintain Strict Requirements

The use of PET bottles is so extensive that no one would think about what is in the bottle. PET bottles are used extensively by manufacturers of beverages and sodas, water or juice, or by almost any manufacturer of liquid products. It is not only used to protect content, but also the image of the brand. Inferior surface treatments or inferior PET materials or the manufacturing process of making PET bottles can have a huge impact on sales. While materials and quality are important, price and guaranteed timely volume supply are just as important. This is the advantage of Jilian Plastics as the best manufacturer of Pet Bottle Preform, able to meet the customer’s needs for appearance, quality, price and delivery of all parameters.
How does the mold of Jilian mold meet such strict requirements and maintain consistency. There are several reasons.
One of the reasons why Jilian mold molds are the best PET bottle manufacturers is that they use the right copolymer to ensure perfect crystallinity, strength, barrier protection and excellent finish.
Another reason is the molding process itself. As a manufacturer of PET preforming dies, Jilian Plastics has an in-depth understanding of the material and designed the mold internally to consider wall thickness, finish, strength and other parameters. The process is controlled in terms of pressure, temperature and time such that the PET polymer chain undergoes strain hardening and strain-induced crystallization to obtain excellent transparency, pressure resistance, burst strength and compressive strength.
In addition, Jilian Plastics has earned a reputation as the best PET bottle manufacturer because it has professional engineers who know which grade of resin, bottle design, mold and cavity design, and the molding process itself, all in Jilian plastic molding equipment is carried out inside the factory.
Jilian Plastics is an expert in PET pre-formed mold design. It has a fully equipped design studio and uses the latest CAD / CAM software. The software is handled by professional engineers who know all the knowledge about mold design because the product will be forming.
The huge hot runner molds produced by Jilian Plastics have 12 to 144 cavities. Considering the weight of the molds ranging from 600 kg to several tons, this is not a big deal.
Precision engineering is as important as the quality of raw materials. The raw material is plastic mold grade steel imported from Sweden; it is processed on EDM wire cutting/CNC and quenched to HRC 50 on vacuum induction hardening equipment. In a typical 12-24 cavity mold, the weight difference between the cavities and the injection is less than 0.3 grams, and closing the hot runner of the valve eliminates any waste, ensuring optimal product cost and minimal material waste.
The superior design features hydraulic self-locking valves, distributed heating and water cooling. This is just one of the many factors that Jilian Plastics engineers are concerned with to ensure that the Pet Bottle Mould itself is as perfect as possible and that it ensures high-speed production and minimizes or eliminates defects. a few.
Finally, customers who buy in bulk buy the Gianlian mold, the best PET bottle manufacturer, to provide the highest quality at the best price.


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