Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Mould Making Experts

Pet Bottle Preform come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They range from opaque to translucent or transparent, so different measurement techniques are required depending on the type of sample.

The opaque preform is opaque and is preferably measured with a diffuse d/8 spherical reflectometer.

Translucent preforms allow light to pass through, but only diffuse, so it is not possible to clearly distinguish objects on the other side. Both the reflection and transmission measurement modes work well depending on the translucency of the sample. Based on experience,

– If your customer will see the path length of the sample, you can see the fine details of the thumb or finger through the preform, then transmittance is the preferred method of measurement.

– If you don’t see subtle details, then reflectivity is preferred.

The path length is defined as the thickness of the sample from which light is incident to the exit sample.

The transparent preform allows light to pass through with little or no interruption or deformation so that the object on the other side can be clearly seen. These preforms can only be measured with a transfer instrument.

Jilian Plastics from Huangyan, Taizhou is an expert in the production of Pet Bottle Mould. We can provide you with various product design solutions and designs to make you more competitive in the market.


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