The Common Pet Bottle Preform Production Process

Pet Bottle Preform are fairly small partially molded PET products that are sold for reheating and blow molding into plastic bottles. Typically, reheat blow molding machines participate in the manufacture of plastic bottles from PET preforms. What is the quality of the plastic bottle? This depends on the operating conditions of the blowing equipment. The following are the most common processes in the operation.

Injection molding
This process involves pressing the molten plastic into the mold of the plastic injection molding machine, which is the opposite of the shape of the product. Once cooled, the mold can be removed. It is commonly used for prototyping or mass production of a wide range of elements, from bottle caps to exterior furniture to automotive panels.

Blow molding
The blow molding process is also the same as plastic injection molding. The only difference is that the hot liquid plastic is poured vertically from the barrel in a very molten tube. Output products include plastic bottles, containers and tubes. High quality blow molding machines guarantee the standard of the final plastic product.

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