Changes In The Development Of China Pet Bottle

In recent years, with the improvement of residents’ consumption awareness and purchasing power, China’s beverage industry has made great progress, the market scale has been expanding, and products have gradually diversified. It has evolved from a single soda to include carbonated drinks, juice drinks and energy drinks. The drinking water and beverage systems within the company provide consumers with more choices.

Pet Preform have only been in China for 10 years. The history of PET bottles and hot filling in China is relatively short, only about 4 years, but the development momentum surpasses most other packaging containers. This momentum is mainly attributed to tea drinks. Rapid development. As we all know, tea beverages and fruit juice beverages are hotspots for beverage development. In China, the output of tea beverages in 2000 has exceeded 1.5 million tons, and most of them use PET hot-filled bottles, and the proportion has an upward trend.

Filling microbe-sensitive products such as tea, juice, wine, dairy products, sauces, vegetables, spices, etc. is a challenge to traditional bottling techniques, as microbes can cause bacteria and mold to grow, causing damage to the color and taste of the product. . The problem with the traditional method is to use hot filling, but the hot filling technology has many shortcomings, such as high container cost, long-term exposure to high temperature conditions, resulting in loss of flavor and high energy consumption.

Now the machine can be called a small soda plant. It only needs qualified water, electricity and carbon dioxide, and it is equipped with syrup to make high-quality carbonated drinks on the spot. As the largest component of the ready-to-eat family market, brewers are now widely used throughout the world. The beverage giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi have long been used extensively. The basic configuration of global fast food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut is necessary. Brewed beverages have unparalleled features and advantages over standard packaged beverages. The beverage brewing machine is only a container made of paper cups, which is easily degraded and is increasingly threatened by environmental pollution for human beings. Now it is the choice that beverages have benefited for hundreds of years in the contemporary era.

As a food packaging, the main requirement is to facilitate storage and transportation, reduce the loss of original performance, no additional damage, increase sensory enjoyment, and reasonable price. At present, the main means of liquid food packaging are: ordinary packaging, secondary sterilization packaging, including canning, bottle and bag, hot filling, vacuum packaging, plastic packaging, radiation sterilization and aseptic packaging. Aseptic packaging of liquid foods is a new technology developed in recent years, and its development is very rapid due to its obvious advantages.

The domestic beverage industry market is an emerging industry with slow development after reform and opening up. The renewal of beverage machinery and equipment has also driven the development of China Pet Bottle industry. From the Chinese beverage industry to nothing, from small to large, from basic to scale gradually become a society. One of the important industrial foods essential to the market, and presents four major developments. The development of the beverage industry has also driven the development of the national economy in terms of comprehensive factors, and made due contributions to improving the living standards of the socialist people. It is believed that the beverage market environment will have new developments in the diversified demand for the beverage machinery market.


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