The Risk Involved In The Manufacture Of Pet Preform Mould

The production of Pet Preforms is not so straightforward in reality. Various factors and practices must be applied correctly to ensure the successful production of PET bottles.
Therefore, your operation must prioritize the following blow molding requirements:

Adhere to precise preforms and bottle designs
Use the appropriate grade of PET resin pellets
Manufacturing high quality preforms using excellent injection molding technology
Ensure that the preform has the required temperature distribution before it is transferred to the blow molding stage
Ensure that all stages (stretching, pre-blowing and blow molding) are fully timed
Ensure equipment and molds are in good condition and meet GMP and OSHA requirements
Ensure that peripheral services, including chilled water and compressed air, are fully supplied

Some of the deficiencies that may be encountered during the production process include:

The production of acetaldehyde (AA), in which case the liquid in the bottle produces an acidic taste (similar to citrus fruits). This can have catastrophic consequences, especially when related liquids, such as water, cannot hide this taste. When the preform molding temperature exceeds 260, AA production is carried out simultaneously with PET production.
This and other technical deficiencies are explained here.
Defects that may result from negligence in production, such as leakage, poor tensile strength, undesired shape and size, uneven thickness, and the like.

The following may interfere with your original efficient production plan:

power failure
Equipment failure, especially for peripheral machines
Equipment maintenance routine visit
Industrial action and other conditions affecting the supply of labor
Bank holiday

The risks involved in running PET plastic manufacturing equipment can generally be divided into four categories, namely:

Health and safety — exposures can cause injury or illness
Exposures — These properties are related to fire (equipment failure, flammable materials, etc.). And damage to critical components such as molds
Product safety and the complexity/legality of doing business globally, such as product standards and regulations, third-party transfers, etc.
Risks involving transactions and online information transmission

Any insurer who is willing to insure your Pet Preform Mould manufacturing small business is likely to refer to a checklist that highlights various physical damage and time factor exposures.


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