Three Pet Bottle Mould Blow Molding Process

There are three Pet Bottle Mould blow molding processes:

1. Injection blow molding
In injection blow molding, a blow molding rod or mandrel is used throughout the process. First, the parison is injected into a split cavity around the rod. The formed parison looks like a test tube. The mandrel transfers the parison to the blow molding machine, forcing the air to produce the final shape in the blow molding machine. The rod is then transferred from the machine and the finished product is extruded.

2. Extrusion blow molding
Extrusion blow molding can be continuous or intermittent. In continuous extrusion blow molding, the parisons are continuously fed into the mold, and each parison is cut by the blade during molding. When the metal mold is cooled, the intermittent extrusion blow molding extrudes each new plastic from the metal mold, and the parison is fed into the mold only after the previous parison is extruded.

Extrusion blow molds are generally much cheaper than injection blow molds and can be produced in much shorter times. Extrusion blow molding is suitable for smaller runs. Advantages include savings in tooling costs and reduced production time, while shortcomings often include less wall thickness control and more waste.

3. Injection stretch blow molding
Injection stretch blow molding combines injection molding and blow molding processes. The plastic is first molded into a solid preform to form a threaded neck.

Once the Pet Bottle Preform cools, it is fed into a stretch blow molding machine. The preform is then reheated using an infrared heater and the preform is blown into the plastic bottle with forced compressed air.

What molding process does your product need?
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