The Design Of The Pet Bottle Mould Is Very Important

Things like bottles play an important role in our lives. One of the reasons why its role is important is that it has made significant changes. This is one of the reasons why the demand for water bottles is very promising in the future. It helps establish a benchmark and enhance business value.

Pet Bottle Mould play an important role in the design. Its size plays a vital role in the machine’s barrier-free operation. The capacity of the bottle is determined in this way. It helps to pour liquid into different turntables. It promotes positive changes in business value.
Hyundai has many manufacturers of water bottle blow molds, who use water bottles to complete tasks from the customer’s point of view. One of the reasons is why there is a huge demand for manufacturers, which is to add value to the company. Innovative technology for making molds ensures longer durability and lifetime service. The mold is polished to ensure no scratches.
This is where juice bottle blow mold manufacturers ensure quantitative methods and make positive changes. This is one of the best things about the blow molding of juice bottles. It brings an innovative perspective to all solutions. One of the benefits of this is the convenience of the service. This makes its role in their respective fields highly commendable.

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Which China Pet Bottle To Choose?

Nowadays, there are many Chinese pet bottle molds on the market, so which one of the China Pet Bottle molds is good?

Based on the principle of honest service and quality priority, Jilian Plastic Mould makes full use of its own technological advantages and professional talents, and constantly innovates and improves. It enjoys high reputation in the industry and has won the support and love of the majority of users. The factory adopts domestic advanced processing technology, closely follows the international mold manufacturing standards, treats every product with excellence, guarantees high quality and high efficiency to complete every detail of mold making, and has established a perfect set of preform moulds. The management system of R&D, production, sales and service ensures the quality of mold processing. Performance must be designed to meet the needs of the process. Try to note:
1. At the beginning of injection molding, it is not allowed to fill the cavity immediately, and the injection volume should be gradually increased.
2. Adjust the relevant equipment and injection molding process parameters according to the actual condition of the product during injection molding.
3. Do not touch the water on the upper socket of the mold and the heater inside the mold, otherwise the heater and the temperature control box parts in the mold will be damaged.
4. When the preform mold is warmed, the temperature of the main channel is first opened. When the temperature of the main channel rises to the set value, the shunt switch can be put on the switch to prevent the material from decomposing and blackening too early.
5. Set the relevant equipment and process parameters. After reaching the set value, open the mold according to the order of the mold action.
6. According to the order of operation of the preform mold, it is required to repeat the test of the no-load test die, check whether the opening and closing of the valve needle are synchronized, and whether the slider system is in place.
7. The preform mold does not open the cooling water, please do not warm it. The high temperature may cause damage and deformation of the mold parts and seals.
8. Connect water, gas, electricity, and hydraulic lines according to Dekuma preform injection molding machine and mold requirements, and check and ensure that the pipeline is not clamped when clamping.

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The Advantages Of Pet Bottle Preform

For a Pet Bottle Preform manufacturing company, it is important to find ways to produce both solid products and save money. Without a strong bottom line, it is difficult for any business to succeed in the long run, so finding ways to deliver quality goods without destroying the bank is critical. A viable option is to use injection molding, which is reasonable. Whether a company wants to enter the injection molding industry or want to take advantage of the services provided by a local injection molding company, there are many viable financial reasons to explain why someone would want to use plastic as a production material.
Cheaper than other materials

When it comes to mass production, only a few materials can be really considered in any way. In addition to plastic, metal offers the only other physical choice. Naturally, different types of metals offer different characteristics and bring different price points. Copper is functional but also quite expensive. Tin is easy to form, but not very durable, and aluminum can flow quickly if not produced properly. Plastics, on the other hand, provide a durable material that is easy to use and cheaper than all other products, so companies can take advantage of immediate cost-effectiveness.
Durability and reliability

The injection molding company is booming and offers a durable material that is easy to mass produce. Metal injection molding is now available and the production time is not too long. Sometimes metal injection molding is the future direction, such as the automotive industry. However, when considering smaller production jobs and comparing similar price points between plastic and metal, plastics are almost always more durable at similar prices. Regarding pipes, plastic does not rust, it can be connected to existing metal and other PVC plastic pipes. However, combining two different metals often leads to rust and poor quality connections. For the enterprise, durability and reliability are important. If the customer finds that the product has not lasted for a long time, or if it begins to rust or damage, they will not renew the order, which could cost the company tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. This is why plastic injection molding is a valuable option that is affordable for manufacturers.

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The Impact Of Temperature On The Application Of Pet Preform

When parts molded with Pet Preform have melting temperatures of 400°F and 480°F, they have better impact resistance, have shorter mold cycle times, and consume less during plastic molding. energy.

*Examples provided by plastic technology
Mold temperature

In plastic molding, improper mold temperatures can cause defects such as mold warpage, dent marks, and jetting.
Mold temperature effects…

Depending on the type of resin used, mold temperature can affect performance, for example:

Molded stress
Creep strength
Dynamic strength
Wear resistance
Molecular weight
Dimensional stability

Mold temperature problem

Mold temperature is inconsistent
Mold temperature is inconsistent with part cavity proximity

Example of the effect of mold temperature on parts

When parts molded in polycarbonate have a higher molding temperature, they will have a lower level of molding stress, which results in increased resistance to stress cracking, impact and fatigue.
Plastic molding melt temperature and mold temperature considerations

It is important to understand how the melt temperature and mold temperature work together to produce the final part characteristics.

In most cases, a lower melt temperature plus a higher mold temperature will result in the best performance.

However, many push-button plastic injection molding machines do not have the technical expertise to implement and monitor the two key aspects of plastic molding. Instead, they believe that high melt temperatures are the only solution to reduce the viscosity of the resin.
Higher melt temperatures can cause…

Unfortunately, higher melt temperatures can result in:

Resin degradation
Longer cooling cycle
Increased energy consumption

These plastic molds are now forced to lower the mold temperature to recover the lost productivity due to the long cooling cycle caused by higher melt temperatures. This ratio of high melt temperature to low mold temperature often results in impaired component performance and component instability.

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Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Preform Help You

As summer approaches, adventures on carbonated drinks such as bottled water and soft drinks may be an ideal offer. The products of the factory you may set up for this business will be sold like hot cakes. In fact, these are not seasonal, but are needed all year round. At any time, you will harvest rich fruits from your investment. According to reports, profits are in the range of 30%.

However, after a detailed feasibility study, the success of the bottling plant business depends on several important factors.

Drinking water is packaged in glass or plastic bottles. Bottled water is also divided into two categories – carbonated and non-carbonated. The size of the bottles is too different and you have to choose the right one. When it comes to the main factory, you have to review the market in detail before you nod.

Therefore, your focus should be on the most suitable and cost-effective Pet Bottle Mould manufacturer to serve your bottling plant. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preform molds are also assembled into molds, a process for determining the quality and reliability of bottled products. PET is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family that is widely used in the manufacture of containers/bottles for food, liquids and pharmaceuticals.

In molding systems, the process of using preformed injection molds is widely used in the food and beverage packaging field. Jilian Plastics has achieved remarkable results in the development of Pet Bottle Preform. Once the plant with high quality machinery and accessories is in operation, your bottled product will achieve the desired results at the right time.

Why Do Pet Bottle Preform Have Cracks?

Cracks are narrow cracks or cracks that appear on the surface of Pet Bottle Preform, possibly due to injection molding machines, molds, processes, or raw materials.

(1) Injection molding machine
Mainly because of insufficient plasticizing ability, that is, the plasticizing ability is too low, resulting in insufficient plasticization. It is necessary to replace an injection molding machine with a large plasticizing capacity.

(2) mold
1 poor exhaust gas is easy to cause flow marks and reduce the strength of parts;
2 The size of the gate is too large, so that the pressure of the plastic injection molded part is too large; the gate size should be reduced;
3 water leakage in the cavity or core – check for fine cracks;

4 plastic parts are designed too thin – need reinforcement;

5 Check the cavity to see if the core has enough draft angle;

6 thimble oil spreads to the cavity surface – the mold needs maintenance and repair;

7 increase the diameter of the ejector pin and reduce the ejection speed;

(3) Injection molding process
1 Adjust the barrel temperature. If the temperature is too high, the material will decompose; if it is too low, sufficient welding strength cannot be guaranteed;

2 Adjust the injection pressure. Increase the temperature to ensure smooth filling and reduce the viscosity; if the pressure is too high, the crack will be caused by internal stress, so the pressure needs to be reduced;

3 reduce the preform back pressure and screw speed to avoid material decomposition;

4 appropriately increase the injection speed;

5 increase the cooling time. If the cooling time is too short, sufficient solidification cannot be guaranteed, resulting in spray cracks or spray marks;

(4) Raw materials
1 to ensure that the raw materials are completely dry;

2 the raw materials are contaminated; find out the cause and take control measures;

3 Add too much recycled material – determine the appropriate proportion of recycled material through the test results.

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The Trustworthy China Pet Bottle Selection

Product quality is always the most important factor in a product. Competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the ability to provide more and more short-term, high-efficiency, low-consumption and personalized high-quality products for manufacturing customers has become a sign of corporate competitiveness.
The Pet Preform mold is called the father of the industry; the quality of the mold will directly affect a serious part of the product quality, including replacement of quality cycle, production, production cost of new and old products, product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness. .
Improve mold quality:
1. First, the design should be reasonable and the best structure should be selected as soon as possible.
2. The most important step is that the mold design is to improve the quality of the mold, and many factors need to be considered, including the choice of mold materials, the usability and safety of the mold structure, the Mach ability of the mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance, all of which should Be considered.
3. The mold manufacturing process is an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing precision are indispensable in the mold manufacturing process and affect the life of the mold.
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Benefits Of Injection Molding Pet Bottle Preform

It is a good idea to work with plastic product manufacturers. It is a better idea to work with plastics manufacturers specializing in plastic injection molding processes! Plastic injection molding is a very versatile method of manufacturing new products and their parts. Most plastics manufacturers use this program because it has many benefits over other plastic molding programs. Plastic injection molding is not only simple and reliable, but also extremely efficient. For new product development, the use of this program is worth considering.

Here are some of the benefits of using plastic injection molding to make Pet Bottle Preform and their parts:

Design flexibility
The injection molding process involves high pressure injection or the thrust of raw materials, ie plastics, metals, rubber, and the like. Become a mold. Due to the high pressure, the material is pressed harder into the mold. Because the material is pressed harder, considerable detail can be added to the design of the part or product.

The high pressure injection used in this process can also create complex and tricky shapes. Other methods fail, or prove to be inefficient, too costly to manufacture parts or products of complex shapes. As a result, plastic injection molding offers better design flexibility than all other molding methods.

Once the precise mold has been designed to the required specifications and injection molding unit, the actual molding process is fast compared to other forming methods. Due to its speed, more parts or parts can be manufactured in less time. This aspect of plastic injection molding makes it a cost-effective option for manufacturing plastic parts and components.

Strength enhancement
Plastic injection molding allows the use of different fillers in the mold. These fillers may be silica, calcium carbonate, clay, glass, mica, alumina trihydrate or any other mineral that increases the hardness and hardness of the plastic part as well as strength and heat resistance. Other molding methods do not allow the use of such fillers; therefore, plastic injection molding offers a viable option when durable plastic parts are required.

Allow simultaneous use of different plastic types
One significant benefit of using plastic injection molding to make parts and components is the ability to use different thermoplastic and thermoset polymers simultaneously. This can be achieved by co-injection techniques. Using different types of polymers together reduces material costs. It also helps to change the density, elasticity, and color, texture, and mechanical properties of plastic parts.

Automated manufacturing
The plastic injection molding process is automated. Most plastic injection molding processes are done by machines or even robots. This eliminates manual involvement, which greatly reduces large-scale manufacturing costs. Automated manufacturing also reduces errors; therefore, waste is reduced and high quality products are manufactured.

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How To Save Cost In China Pet Bottle Making

For the China Pet Bottle mold injection system, the most common way is the cold runner, hot runner opening door, hot runner valve, the price from low to high, why customers still choose expensive valves? What are the advantages of the valve?

About cycle time

Cold runner molds, cold runners are always thick because the runner size is always thick, and cooling takes time, so the cycle time is always not short. Especially for lighter weight products, the cold runner has no advantage.

Hot runner open gate mold, even if it does not need to wait for the gate to cool, but it has a gate size limit, usually the hot runner open gate size should be greater than 2.5 mm, otherwise it will have a tail, not beautiful fracture.

The hot runner valve gate mold does not need to wait for the gate to cool. At the same time, the gate size is smaller. It can make the gate 4 mm or even 6 mm because the valve pin can help cut beautiful materials. The larger the gate size, the easier the material flows and the faster the filling speed. This is also the reason why some refractory materials use valves better, such as PC and PMMA materials.

Therefore, by comparison, the hot runner valve can achieve the shortest cycle time in these injection modes.

About cost

Even if you start spending more money on the mold, is it really the most expensive way? Have you calculated the actual cost of the entire production?

A. Compared with the cold runner, there is no need to manually cut the gate, which saves a labor cost, the runner has no waste, and the material cost is saved.

Production costs, as mentioned above, the valve can achieve the shortest cycle time, using the same machine every hour, it produces more pcs, which means that the cost of each product is lower with the valve mold.

Of course, making comparisons requires precise calculations. For a small number of products, the valve may not be competitive, and the more the quantity produced, the more savings will be made.

Choose Jilian mold, we will calculate according to your specific situation, we can provide a wide range of products, from 5-gallon Pet Preform to other series of products, you are welcome to contact us.

Jilian Mold Has 5-gallon Pet Preform Experience

The first stage in the manufacture of Pet Bottle Preform is stretch blow molding. The PET is heated and placed in a mold in which the PET is in the shape of an elongated tube. (The process of pressing plastic into a mold is called injection molding.) The PET tube, now called the parison, is then transferred to a second bottle mold. A thin steel bar called a mandrel slides inside the parison, where it fills the parison with high-pressure air, and the stretch blow begins: the parison is blown and stretched due to pressurized air, heat and pressure In the mold, the shape of the bottle is presented. In order to ensure that the bottom of the bottle maintains a uniform flat shape, a separate plastic part is simultaneously attached to the bottle during the blow molding process.

The mold must be cooled relatively quickly so that the newly formed part is properly set. There are several direct and indirect cooling methods that effectively cool the mold and plastic. Water can indirectly cool the mold and plastic through the tubing that surrounds the mold. Direct methods include the use of pressurized air or carbon dioxide directly on the mold and plastic.

Once the bottle (or, in continuous manufacturing, the bottle) is cooled and solidified, it can be removed from the mold. If a continuous molding process is used, the bottles need to be separated by trimming the plastic between the bottles. If a discontinuous process is used, sometimes excess plastic will penetrate the mold during the manufacturing process and needs to be trimmed. After removing the bottle from the mold and removing the excess plastic, the bottle can be transported.

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