China Pet Bottle Modern Production Technology

One of the simplest and widely used methods of making plastic products is injection molding. Plastic resins are injected into molds – preferably Pet Preform molds and molds – for the production of plastic parts and products with the most complex contours and the most demanding physical features. In addition, the spiral use of injection molding can be attributed to its ability to mass-produce dimensionally accurate engineered parts.


Injection molding technology is considered an important plastic manufacturing technology. With advances in technology, there have been many improvements in injection molding technology. At present, the development of injection molding technology allows plastics manufacturers to use alternatives to traditional materials, thereby reducing the weight of the final product and giving them the freedom to design. These technology updates have also affected how pet mold makers design molds.

Integration of computer technology:

The latest injection molding equipment relies heavily on computers to operate. Today, most of the general operations (resin feed, injection of molten material into the mold, etc.). ) is controlled by a built-in computer.

Micro injection molding:

When manufacturing tiny parts, the contours require the highest precision. Microinjection molding technology was developed to meet the needs of plastics manufacturers. The microinjection unit is defined for small plastics that need to be processed. The microinjection unit can be incorporated into an injection molding machine to achieve a clamping force of approximately 500 kN.

Multi-component injection technique;

The term refers to the sandwich technology, including several other technologies, such as: –

Water injection technology
Gas injection technology
Co-injection technique
Single sandwich technology

Modern injection molding of China Pet Bottle has become an indispensable element in the manufacture of several plastic parts, such as electrical switches, power tool housings, and battery housings.