Jilian Mold Successfully Produced 5-gallon Pet Preform

Pet Bottle Preform are the most recycled of all plastic products, mainly because they are easy to identify and print, which means you can recycle materials without serious contamination. On the other hand, Jilian molds have HDPE/PP caps, which are very low in recycling and are often found everywhere in beach cleaning activities. How do we copy the success story of PET to the caps used in these bottles?

The idea is how to redesign small plastic items that are not recyclable. These items are often wasted?
The cap is very low in recovery and will eventually leak into the environment or even be buried. They are a common plastic component in beach cleaning activities. My idea is to use a high-recycled PET bottle to make the cap with clear PET and attach it to the bottle, so you can effortlessly increase PET recovery while reducing leakage into the environment. If 55% of the PET bottles have been recycled, why not give the bottle a free trip?

Describe how becoming a top-level idea and working with Beyond Plastics’ Thinking Acceleration Program can help accelerate your solution.
Being a top-notch idea will expose me to professional plastic engineers, mold designers and bottling experts who can help me overcome the obstacles explained earlier. Most importantly, with the least amount of money, we can produce molds and make a batch of test products to understand the actual feasibility of the project or to understand the necessary changes needed. Finally, I have access to brand owners who can provide advice on the different ways we can take to better meet their needs.
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