How To Save Cost In China Pet Bottle Making

For the China Pet Bottle mold injection system, the most common way is the cold runner, hot runner opening door, hot runner valve, the price from low to high, why customers still choose expensive valves? What are the advantages of the valve?

About cycle time

Cold runner molds, cold runners are always thick because the runner size is always thick, and cooling takes time, so the cycle time is always not short. Especially for lighter weight products, the cold runner has no advantage.

Hot runner open gate mold, even if it does not need to wait for the gate to cool, but it has a gate size limit, usually the hot runner open gate size should be greater than 2.5 mm, otherwise it will have a tail, not beautiful fracture.

The hot runner valve gate mold does not need to wait for the gate to cool. At the same time, the gate size is smaller. It can make the gate 4 mm or even 6 mm because the valve pin can help cut beautiful materials. The larger the gate size, the easier the material flows and the faster the filling speed. This is also the reason why some refractory materials use valves better, such as PC and PMMA materials.

Therefore, by comparison, the hot runner valve can achieve the shortest cycle time in these injection modes.

About cost

Even if you start spending more money on the mold, is it really the most expensive way? Have you calculated the actual cost of the entire production?

A. Compared with the cold runner, there is no need to manually cut the gate, which saves a labor cost, the runner has no waste, and the material cost is saved.

Production costs, as mentioned above, the valve can achieve the shortest cycle time, using the same machine every hour, it produces more pcs, which means that the cost of each product is lower with the valve mold.

Of course, making comparisons requires precise calculations. For a small number of products, the valve may not be competitive, and the more the quantity produced, the more savings will be made.

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