The Trustworthy China Pet Bottle Selection

Product quality is always the most important factor in a product. Competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the ability to provide more and more short-term, high-efficiency, low-consumption and personalized high-quality products for manufacturing customers has become a sign of corporate competitiveness.
The Pet Preform mold is called the father of the industry; the quality of the mold will directly affect a serious part of the product quality, including replacement of quality cycle, production, production cost of new and old products, product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness. .
Improve mold quality:
1. First, the design should be reasonable and the best structure should be selected as soon as possible.
2. The most important step is that the mold design is to improve the quality of the mold, and many factors need to be considered, including the choice of mold materials, the usability and safety of the mold structure, the Mach ability of the mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance, all of which should Be considered.
3. The mold manufacturing process is an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing precision are indispensable in the mold manufacturing process and affect the life of the mold.
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