The Impact Of Temperature On The Application Of Pet Preform

When parts molded with Pet Preform have melting temperatures of 400°F and 480°F, they have better impact resistance, have shorter mold cycle times, and consume less during plastic molding. energy.

*Examples provided by plastic technology
Mold temperature

In plastic molding, improper mold temperatures can cause defects such as mold warpage, dent marks, and jetting.
Mold temperature effects…

Depending on the type of resin used, mold temperature can affect performance, for example:

Molded stress
Creep strength
Dynamic strength
Wear resistance
Molecular weight
Dimensional stability

Mold temperature problem

Mold temperature is inconsistent
Mold temperature is inconsistent with part cavity proximity

Example of the effect of mold temperature on parts

When parts molded in polycarbonate have a higher molding temperature, they will have a lower level of molding stress, which results in increased resistance to stress cracking, impact and fatigue.
Plastic molding melt temperature and mold temperature considerations

It is important to understand how the melt temperature and mold temperature work together to produce the final part characteristics.

In most cases, a lower melt temperature plus a higher mold temperature will result in the best performance.

However, many push-button plastic injection molding machines do not have the technical expertise to implement and monitor the two key aspects of plastic molding. Instead, they believe that high melt temperatures are the only solution to reduce the viscosity of the resin.
Higher melt temperatures can cause…

Unfortunately, higher melt temperatures can result in:

Resin degradation
Longer cooling cycle
Increased energy consumption

These plastic molds are now forced to lower the mold temperature to recover the lost productivity due to the long cooling cycle caused by higher melt temperatures. This ratio of high melt temperature to low mold temperature often results in impaired component performance and component instability.

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