Which China Pet Bottle To Choose?

Nowadays, there are many Chinese pet bottle molds on the market, so which one of the China Pet Bottle molds is good?

Based on the principle of honest service and quality priority, Jilian Plastic Mould makes full use of its own technological advantages and professional talents, and constantly innovates and improves. It enjoys high reputation in the industry and has won the support and love of the majority of users. The factory adopts domestic advanced processing technology, closely follows the international mold manufacturing standards, treats every product with excellence, guarantees high quality and high efficiency to complete every detail of mold making, and has established a perfect set of preform moulds. The management system of R&D, production, sales and service ensures the quality of mold processing. Performance must be designed to meet the needs of the process. Try to note:
1. At the beginning of injection molding, it is not allowed to fill the cavity immediately, and the injection volume should be gradually increased.
2. Adjust the relevant equipment and injection molding process parameters according to the actual condition of the product during injection molding.
3. Do not touch the water on the upper socket of the mold and the heater inside the mold, otherwise the heater and the temperature control box parts in the mold will be damaged.
4. When the preform mold is warmed, the temperature of the main channel is first opened. When the temperature of the main channel rises to the set value, the shunt switch can be put on the switch to prevent the material from decomposing and blackening too early.
5. Set the relevant equipment and process parameters. After reaching the set value, open the mold according to the order of the mold action.
6. According to the order of operation of the preform mold, it is required to repeat the test of the no-load test die, check whether the opening and closing of the valve needle are synchronized, and whether the slider system is in place.
7. The preform mold does not open the cooling water, please do not warm it. The high temperature may cause damage and deformation of the mold parts and seals.
8. Connect water, gas, electricity, and hydraulic lines according to Dekuma preform injection molding machine and mold requirements, and check and ensure that the pipeline is not clamped when clamping.

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