Pet Bottle Mould Affects Product Production

The bottom of the Pet Bottle Preform is whitish 1. The hot runner temperature is insufficient 2. The material temperature is less than 1. Strengthen insulation measures 2. Increase the temperature of the hot nozzle at this location. Appropriately increase the material temperature. Speed ​​up the injection speed 5. Reduce the pressure holding 6. Slow down the cooling water flow rate

Pet preform is opaque 1. Insufficient drying of raw materials 2. Insufficient plasticization of raw materials 3. Pp>The wall thickness of the preform is too large or insufficiently cooled. Mix in other plastics 5. The material temperature is too low 1 to ensure drying for more than four hours. Increase the material temperature 3. Increase the screw speed 4. Check if the dry material temperature is too small or the injection volume does not match. It must be ensured that the raw material is dried at 165 degrees to a moisture content of less than 0.02%. Strengthen cooling, thin wall thickness

The PET preform is changed from transparent to opaque. 1. The film removal temperature is too high. Strengthen the cooling water 2.2. Extend the cooling time 3. Change injection time

There is fog on the side of the PET preform. The pressure is too high 2. The bottom film gate hole is eccentric 1. Reduce the pressure 2. Correcting the mold

Pet preform has silver or yellow 1. Plastic decomposition 1. Reduce the drying temperature and prolong the drying time. Adjust the injection speed 3. Reduce the material temperature 4. Lower the temperature of the hot nozzle

PET preform has bubbles 1. Dry less than 1. Strengthening drying 2. Increase the material temperature 3. Reduce screw speed

There are irregular ring grooves in the PET preform. 1. The water vapor condenses in the core cavity. Strengthen the drying of the workshop. Increase the cooling water temperature 3. Dry the Pet Bottle Mould

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Today, with the rapid development of the commodity economy, the variety of packaging forms is convenient for people’s production and life. Among them, pet bottle is a common hard package and has a wide range of applications. Whether in industry or in life, the preferred use of Pet Bottle Preform needs to meet the requirements of non-toxic and odor-free use. Health and environmental protection are the main features.

With the rapid development of China’s packaging industry, pet bottles are widely used in various fields, such as beverages, medicinal products, condiments and so on. In today’s competition in the packaging market, the competitive advantage of pet bottles in the market is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

First, in terms of materials, pet bottles are mainly made of pet. The biggest characteristic of pet bottles produced is that they are light in weight and can withstand falling. With its unique advantages, it is widely used in various fields. For example, in the medical field, powder medicines, etc., to ensure the sealing and safety of medicines.

Second, environmental protection and safety, pet bottles are often used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields, so its safety and environmental performance is the most important to ensure the safety and hygiene of the packaged items.

On the whole, pet bottle packaging has been closely related to our daily life, changing our way of life and bringing convenience and safety to our lives. It can be seen that the pet bottle is an important packaging form indispensable for modern packaging and has far-reaching marketing significance. Jilian Plastics produces healthy and safe Pet Bottle Mould, and our customers provide professional guidance, so that everyone can make a safe product, welcome everyone to choose.

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Transparent Pet Bottle Preform packaging raw materials. In the packaging of pet bottles, the use of transparent pet bottles is the most obvious, from edible oils to foods, from pharmaceutical packaging to cosmetic packaging. In almost all areas, the packaging of transparent pet bottles is the only carnival. Indeed, the packaging of transparent pet bottles is incomparable with pet bottles of other materials.

However, transparent pet bottles also need to be improved. By improving these problems, the top level of the pet bottle is ensured, and it is also dominant in other packaging products such as glass bottles.
First of all, the heat resistance of the transparent pet bottle is improved, and the transparent pet bottle has many high-temperature products such as drinking water and edible oil. In the case of high temperatures, it is very important that the transparent pet bottle has sufficient heat resistance. Improving the heat resistance of transparent pet bottles will also greatly help to improve competitiveness. In addition, the stability of the transparent pet bottle allows long-term use of transparent pet bottles to maintain the reliability and stability of the material. Then, you can get more use in the market that uses waste bottles, and you can also accept support from relevant departments and individuals.

The disadvantage of transparent pet bottles is that PET raw material suppliers must continually improve product innovation and improvement. Jilian Plastics is a manufacturer that is constantly learning and improving, which makes our 5-Gallon Pet Preform more popular and appreciated by consumers in the market. Welcome to choose our 5 gallon pets. Preform!

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With the rapid development of the plastics processing industry, the use of Pet Bottle Preform warm runner molds has become more widespread. Injection molding uses warm runner molds with the following advantages and strengths:

1. The water is returned to the raw material to save the original data.

2. Shorten the molding cycle and improve productivity.

3. Guarantee the quality of plastic parts and complete production automation.

One. Rationality of mold construction:

With regard to a multi-cavity mold, its structure is roughly divided into three parts:

1. The main flow path.

2. Heating plate (body).

3. Warm runner nozzle.

In the meantime, the warm runner nozzle is the most basic part. The molten PET enters the cavity through the nozzle through the dry flow passage in the heating plate, which is directly related to the quality of the tube blank. Therefore, the following guidelines should be adhered to in the construction of the mold:

1. Adhere to the heat balance of the nozzle so that the resin is in a molten state during the injection process. To do this, make the contact surface of the nozzle and the template as small as possible.

2. Guaranteed sealing. For example, the “meeting” between the nozzle and the flow channel plate, the joint between the nozzle parts should be sealed to prevent the molten resin from leaking under the injection pressure.

3. When the cooled nozzle is reheated to start working, the condensate of the gate is not easy to melt, and it is usually “melted”. Therefore, the length of the nozzle should be properly designed, and the nozzle with the heat transfer property such as beryllium copper should be made.

4. The nozzle often has a blocking view, and it is convenient to disassemble it.

two. Sophisticated technical conditions:

1. Useful mold temperature control: cavity, core can be quickly cooled, there must be cooling water, and the water hardness is suitable, anti-scaling, anti-blocking.

2. In the injection molding process, the “reverse pumping” (pressure relief) of the screw can be completed to ensure the outstanding formation of the billet. This is especially important for the “one-step method”, otherwise the bottle can easily leak bottom.

3. Select a suitable heating temperature, and the warm runner temperature is 2 to 4 degrees lower than the barrel temperature.

4. Cooling, injection, pressure keeping, and even opening and closing the mold must have excellent coordination with the injection and pre-plasticizing speed, so that the cycle can be minimized.

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Pet bottle preforms are the main raw material for many of our blow molded bottles. In fact, the quality of Pet Bottle Preform will largely affect the production of blow molded products. So what problems exist in the preform market, and how can we improve it? The professional manufacturers of plastic caps and PET preforms are briefly described below:

First of all, some of the current preform manufacturers are on the one hand to enhance the price advantage of products, and on the other hand to improve their own profits. Therefore, doping the secondary material in the preform production process has become the unspoken rule of many merchants. Although the secondary material is inexpensive, there are various problems. These secondary materials are often difficult to meet the standards in terms of hygiene and flow into food, beverage and other markets, which will seriously affect the safety of food packaging. Secondary preforms also have an impact on the stability of the blow molded product. Therefore, strengthening supervision and avoiding the flow of secondary materials into the preform market is a key issue to be resolved. Secondly, the preforming is easier to standardize than the blow molding bottles of different shapes, and the development of standards is conducive to the development of the market. Accelerating more detailed standards development and implementing bottle label related issues is something we need to work hard for some time to come.

For preforms, it’s actually about the whole of plastic bottles, so we should pay more attention to them.

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The bottle used for the bottle we are using is mainly made of Pet Preform. If such a polymer material is inadvertently produced, various problems will occur. The more common one is When the bottom of the bottle is whitish, today we will come together to see why he has such a situation.

The main reason for this is that it is produced in the production of transparent or nearly transparent bottles, because only such a bottle has a white blush at the bottom to be able to visually appear, affecting such a large, in fact, he appears The situation is mainly in the case that the temperature of the hot runner is insufficient, which means that the temperature should not be so high when the purification should be performed, resulting in insufficient purification, because the plastic at the bottom is relatively thick, so it is needed. When the time is compared, the temperature maintenance is also required to be relatively high.

The solution is also very simple. Firstly, the temperature should be kept constant while maintaining the temperature, and then the excessive heat loss should be prevented, and the speed of the process should be increased, so that the process can be ended in the shortest possible time. Effective use of heat to do more big things, so that the quality of pet preform plastic produced will be better, and the bottom of the bottle will not appear whitish. Jilian Plastic Mould is a reliable and choiceable China Pet Bottle manufacturer. Choose us to bring you the perfect product. If you are excited, please contact us.

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Pet is a high molecular polymer, and most importantly, its molecular weight is very light and is the uniform number of molecules in the pet molecular chain. The injection process of the Pet Bottle Preform is a very important process in the production process, so what is its specific production process? As a professional pet bottle preform manufacturer, Jilian mold to tell you.

First, the PET raw material is dry:

Pet is a hygroscopic material. If the water content is too high, water decomposition will occur in the case of high temperature, which will cause the pet molecular chain to break and thermally decompose to produce acetaldehyde. The physical and mechanical properties are reduced, and the rate of crystallization is reduced. When the preform is ejected, the part of the preform is crystallized and whitened, which affects the quality of the product. Before the preform is injection molded, the PET pellets must be dried to a moisture content of 0.05% or less to produce a good amorphous transparent preform. The dried PET pellets are circulated in the hopper by using high temperature air after dehumidification. For dry air, the dew point temperature must be between -29 ° C and -40 ° C. The temperature of the dryer was set between 177 ° C and 182 ° C and dried for approximately four hours.

Second, the injection extended hollow molding

1. Basic principle: Firstly, the injection molding process produces the preform, which is to spray the molten glue into the Pet Bottle Mould, and then rapidly cool, so that the preform temperature is lower than the crystallization temperature, and the transparent preform is made; the second step The preform is heated to a temperature above the glass transition point and then stretched, blown and cooled to form.

Processing method: One-stage is that the injection and blowing are completed in the same machine, and the preformed preform is cooled to a temperature lower than the crystallization temperature, but remains in a thermoelastic state, and finally blown into a bottle. The two-stage type is completed by two machines, an injection molding machine and a hollow molding machine. First, after the preform is made by the injection molding machine, the preform is cooled to a solidification temperature, taken out, cooled to room temperature, and when it is blown, it is sent to a hollow molding machine to heat the preform to the blowing temperature, and then blown, Cool molding.

The performance of the injection machine must be designed and improved in accordance with the molding process requirements. The appropriate screw design is an important factor affecting the quality of plasticization. It is an important key to the preform injection molding process and an important topic for future research.

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In recent years, why the sales volume of transparent Pet Bottle Preform has risen sharply. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Let the transparent PET bottle manufacturers give us a detailed introduction!

In fact, the reason for the increase in sales of transparent PET bottles is mainly because his application range is more and more extensive. Let’s take a look at his application range today!

1, a non-corrosive liquid.

2, hold the cereals, beans, etc., tighten the cap to prevent the insects.

3, hold things can be seen directly.

4, full of water on the radiator in winter, the water slowly heat can be used to wash the feet, cooking.

5, can hold calcium tablets and other tablets, capsules and other drugs.

The above is the reason why the sales of transparent PET bottles have increased significantly. Jilian Plastics produces high-quality China Pet Bottle products, which caters to the development and trend of the market. Welcome all interested customers to contact us.

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With the development of the market, for the different needs of people, so the design of the things are also different specifications and sizes, even the Pet Bottle Preform is no exception, let Xiaobian lead everyone to understand the transparent PET bottle The specific specifications and dimensions are introduced!

A packaged beverage bottle is a PET transparent PET bottle used to hold a beverage.

Portable is because the size and capacity are relatively easy. We carry it daily. The size of the bottle is easy to take. The capacity is not much. It is poured out and has about two bowls, which is in line with people’s daily consumption, so it is called portable.

Common specifications Here are a few of the few related to me, there are 25mm 28mm and the new pet 35mm.

The 25mm caliber bottle has a long history and can be traced back to the time when Coca-Cola started using PET bottles, which are common in soda bottles or mineral water bottles.

The 28mm is native to the 250cc bottle and is now widely used in portable (pressureless) bottles, as if it were more efficient for line filling, or from the British (1 inch = 25.4mm) to the metric, common in fruit and vegetable drinks. Bottle or water bottle.

The 35mm caliber bottle is gradually being used more and more. The 35mm caliber bottle is basically the same except that the bottle mouth is enlarged. Increasing the bottle mouth can bring more health care to consumers. When consumers drink small-bottle bottles, not only a few people will open their mouths to drink, especially in children. This is a kind Inadvertent habits, this way will cause the following 2 obvious health risks:

1The beverage after drinking into the mouth will be returned to the bottle with the bubble, which will be mixed with the original beverage; 2 When drinking on the head, the beverage will be poured into the throat without interception, directly causing Drowning, coughing.

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How Long Is The Development Of China Pet Bottle Manufacturers?

When the Pet Preform manufacturer develops to a certain stage, we have to look back. Examine yourself. I always think that when the PET bottle manufacturer is developing, it is also the time when the problem is accumulating. Because development and problems are always the same, this time I need to examine myself to reflect on the problems that may exist. Because this time does not reflect, it may accumulate for a while, and the problem will become impossible to solve. In the rapid development stage, PET bottle manufacturers will be accompanied by those problems. First, financial resources. Rapid development means a large amount of income, but on the other hand, it means more investment and greater demand for funds. . What happened at this time was the break of the capital chain. Like the giant group of the year, the current Prince’s milk, the main reason for their failure is the break of the capital chain. Therefore, this is a question that needs to be examined by oneself. Is your own fund sufficient for your own development? Have you considered whether there is a shortage of funds in the event of a shortage of funds, whether there is a new financing channel or an organizational problem. In the final analysis, the organizational problem is the human resource problem. With the rapid growth of PET bottle manufacturers, the demand for talents will become even bigger. Maybe we can solve other problems. Only the problem of talents is the problem of PET bottle manufacturers. root cause. The lack of talent reserves, the cultivation of talents can not keep up, these are the hidden dangers behind the rapid development of PET bottle manufacturers. Another is that with the development of PET bottle manufacturers, employees must increase, so is the organization structure of employees reasonable? Does the employee have behaviors that are superfluous? Whether employees are as passionate as when they first started business is a strategic issue. When the PET bottle manufacturer is small, we rarely consider where the PET bottle manufacturer goes, but when it reaches a certain scale, no matter where the PET bottle manufacturer goes, it is not far from the door. Consider what our long-term business is? What is our mission? What is our main business? Can we have a new development business? Are we going to concentrate or diversify? These need to be considered.
Re-examine your marketing situation. CEOs must care about sales. Because with the rapid growth of PET bottle manufacturers, the market will be filled from blanks, which is bound to be a process from extensive to fine planning. Considering the intensive cultivation of the market, there is a marginal effect in economics, because With the growth, easy development has been developed, then for the development is not easy, we have to pay more, we must intensively work in order to truly develop. Re-examine your market input and returns. To re-examine its own market strategy, it is to bloom in full, or to focus on key breakthroughs in resources.
Re-examine your management issues. Along with the rapid development and expansion of PET bottle manufacturers, it will inevitably lead to management incompatibility, and it will encounter situations where management is uncontrollable. At this time, with the development of PET bottle manufacturers, change their management methods. Learn to decentralize and learn to mobilize the enthusiasm of subordinates. Gradually integrate various departments, clearly define the division of labor, and learn to use the system to manage. It is necessary to gradually establish the PET bottle manufacturer’s own PET bottle manufacturer culture. To lay the foundation for the long-term rapid development of PET bottle manufacturers.
Importantly, it is necessary to clarify that with the rapid development of PET bottle manufacturers, the factors that determine the development of PET bottle manufacturers will become more, and the problem may be that PET bottle manufacturers face considerable difficulties for rapid development. It is important for the PET bottle manufacturers to reach a certain stage to develop harmoniously. It is necessary to grasp the relationship between the various factors affecting the development of PET bottle manufacturers. It is necessary to pay attention to the coordinated development between the various elements, so that the PET bottle manufacturers can coordinate development. Stable development and long-term development. This is our common goal.
China Pet Bottle manufacturer scale and development method We have already told you in detail in the article, if you still have anything you can not understand, you can consult Jilian mold, we will have a professional staff to answer you, will definitely let you gain something!